2020 NAAS Conference Call for Papers

March 12, 2020

MBAA International and

We’re so very sorry to announce the suspension of the 56th Annual MBAA International conference scheduled for March 25 through 27, 2020. We’re still considering alternatives so the question of “postponed” or “cancelled” is not yet resolved and this may impact how credits and refunds are handled.

I promise you, we’ll treat you right. Please just give us a little time to sort through some things and wrap up some loose ends.

We will email all registrants with details for either using your funds as a credit or getting a refund.


Jeff Clark

Executive Director, MBAA International

March 25-27, 2020

Palmer House Hotel – Chicago, IL

In conjunction with the 56th Annual MBAA International Conference

Faculty, students, and practitioners are invited to submit papers addressing any area of accounting for presentation at the 2020 North American Accounting Society Meeting (NAAS).  Deadline for submissions has been extended to December 2, 2019. Submissions in any research style are welcome, and may address any accounting topic, including, but not limited to: accounting history, accounting and technology, financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, forensic accounting, fraud examination, tax, governmental and nonprofit, ethics, international accounting, information systems, public policy, artificial intelligence, pedagogy, social responsibility, diversity, and public interest..

Submission Opportunities

Concurrent Session Presentations

Submissions for a concurrent session may consist of completed papers and abstracts.  Please include “Concurrent Session” in the cover page of your submission.

Roundtable Presentations

These presentations focus on papers in progress. The roundtable session gives authors an opportunity to receive constructive feedback and ideas for completing the paper from other conference participants. These submissions are peer-reviewed. Please include “Roundtable” in the cover page of your submission.


Submit proposals for a panel discussion on topics that would be of interest to conference participants. Please include “Panel Presentation” in the cover page of your submission.

Research Poster Sessions – New for NAAS 2020!

Submit proposals for a poster session on Thursday, March 26, 2020, from 8:00am – 9:15 am (tentative).  While poster authors are expected to meet with conference participants during that time, posters will remain visible throughout the day.  Posters are ideal for student researchers, but all faculty are welcome to submit poster proposals.  Please include “Poster Session” in the cover page of your submission.

 Please note that proposals for NAAS posters should not deal with accounting pedagogy or teaching cases.  These can be submitted for consideration to the MBAA teaching poster session.  See the “MBAA Conference Details and Poster Session” section below for further information on pedagogy/teaching poster submissions to the MBAA.

Submission Guidelines

Please prepare your submission as a Word document and email it to Kayla Booker, at NAASProgramChair@gmail.com.  Include “NAAS Submission” in the subject line.   The deadline for submissions is December 2, 2019.  Each submission should begin with a cover page identifying the type of submission (Concurrent Session, Roundtable Presentation, Panel Proposal, or Research Poster Session), title, the name, affiliation, and contact information for each author, and a designated corresponding author for co-authored papers.  An abstract containing the paper’s title, but not the authors, should follow the cover page.  Please do not make any reference to the author(s) after the cover page.  At least one author must register for the NAAS meeting and attend to present the paper and/or participate in panels and the research poster session.  Only completed papers (not detailed abstract submissions) will be considered for a distinguished paper award.  Detailed abstracts will be considered for presentation in concurrent sessions.  If possible, authors should have the full paper available by the conference date.

Roundtable presentations may take a variety of forms: for example, an abstract or partially completed paper. Please specify the issue/problem that you would like to discuss.

Panel proposals and research posters should include a suggested title, a brief description of why this topic would be of interest to conference participants, and the names, affiliations, and contact information for proposed panelists or poster authors.

Other Ways to Participate

We need your help. Please volunteer to participate as either a reviewer for conference submissions, or as a session chair, or as a discussant for roundtable sessions. To volunteer, please email Kayla Booker at NAASProgramChair@gmail.com and include “NAAS Volunteer” in the subject line.

NAAS Website

Please see the website for the North American Accounting Society at   https://naasociety.wordpress.com/ for more info about the NAAS.  Webmaster is Grace Johnson johnsong@marietta.edu.

MBAA Conference Details and Poster Session

The North American Accounting Society conference will be held March 25-27, 2020, in conjunction with the 56th MBAA International conference. Information about the overall conference, registration, placement services, and hotel registration will be available at http://www.mbaainternational.org.  Note that this conference includes many informative sessions in several different business-related tracks including accounting.

In conjunction with the MBAA conference, we have an opportunity for submissions of poster session proposals related to teaching techniques and innovative teaching methods.  This session is specifically meant to be of interest to colleagues across the business disciplines represented by MBAA.  For more information, please contact 2020 MBAA program chair Stephen Bretson at Stephen.bretson@wheaton.edu.    Accepted presenters are expected to interact throughout the poster session with interested colleagues.  Note the poster sessions are not meant for commercial products or services; if commercial products are mentioned in your poster, please provide the name of the product and rationale for its use in your proposal description.

Additional Questions?

Please contact the NAAS 2020 program chair, Kayla Booker, at  NAASProgramChair@gmail.com, or phone 601.951.4008.    Hope to see you in the Windy City in late March 2020!

A Friendly Reminder:  NAAS Call for Papers Deadline is December 2, 2019.


A Special Note:

North American Accounting Studies (A Journal of the North American Accounting Society)

North American Accounting Studies is a journal affiliated with the North American Accounting Society.  For more information about the journal and its submission process, please visit the website https://neiudc.neiu.edu/naas/.  Please note that journal submissions undergo a review process that is separate from submissions for the Spring 2020 NAAS/MBAA conference.

Dr. Carol M. Jessup, University of Illinois Springfield is Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Essam Elshafie, Northeastern Illinois University, is Associate Editor.